PPS series

A reliable range of spraying pumps, performing constant flow and providing satisfactory service pumping chemicals, including the most aggressive on the market.

PPS 100

40 Bar | 100 L/Min

PPS 1211

40 Bar | 110 L/Min

PPS 1212

40 Bar | 125 L/Min

PPS 1613

40 Bar | 130 L/Min

PPS 1615

40 Bar | 147 L/Min

Sound Reasons   |   PPS series

Heads and manifolds made up of strengthened polypropylene to ensure the best compatibility with the chemical products, same property as Polypumps.

Oil tank ?tted with matched diaphragm to ensure correct oil level.

Manifolds are kept separate from crankcase for a complete protection of the kinematic mechanism in oil bath.

Crankshaft stroke reduced, which increases diaphragm life because diaphragms are not stressed.

The unique pump in the world equipped with independent pulsation dampers mounted directly on the pumping chamber. This feature ensures regular ?ow of liquid, resulting in amazing quality of the spraying nozzles, the pump operates vibration free. Smoother coverage of treatment.

System of direct entry of the liquid on the diaphragm because of the check valves that are perfectly lined up on the diaphragm area. Amazing suction capacity and higher volumetric ef?ciency (30% more).

Heat exchanger water-oil to reduce the operating temperature of the pump, provide longer life and deliver higher volumetric ef?ciency.