PBO series

High pressure piston diaphragm pumps delivering high volumes suitable for trailed or mounted sprayers, orchard sprayers and industrial equipment. They incorporate an innovative Bertolini "circular" pulsation damper that is the best system to reduce pulsations and vibrations; it works directly on each pumping part. All moving parts are completely lubricated in oil bath.

PBO 1100

50 Bar | 110 L/Min

PBO 1250

50 Bar | 125 L/Min

PBO 1440

50 Bar | 137 L/Min

PBO 1540

50 Bar | 154 L/Min

PBO 1840

50 Bar | 179 L/Min

Sound Reasons   |   PBO series

Oversized / separate suction and pressure circuits, create a smooth ?ow of the liquid: no loss of pressure

Oil tank ?tted with matched diaphragm to ensure correct oil level.

Check valves that can be overhauled easily, with little maintenance.

Crankshaft stroke reduced, which increases diaphragm life because diaphragms are not stressed.

Unique " pulsation damper system" covering all the pressure circuit with 32 holes, so vibrations are extemely reduced, allowing smoother operations.

4 different options of diaphragms materials: Buna-Nbr, Desmopan, Viton, exclusive Bertolini HPS® (see chart).

Special check valve design: spheric section-shaped made up of AISI 316 stainless steel, delivering high volumetric ef?ciencies.

Pre-set diaphragm bolt and diaphragm washer made up of AISI 316 stainless steel (exclusive): specially indicated for chemical resistance and longer life operation.

2 piston rings for each piston. Exclusive design which increases diaphragm ef?ciency.

Parts in contact with chemical products made up of die-cast aluminium, and covered with special treatment B.Oxi, corrosion proof.