IDB series

High pressure piston/diaphragm pumps (max 5 Bar - 725 P.S.I.) delivering high volumes (11:192 l/min - 29.1 up to 5,7 USGPM) suitable for trailed / mounted sprayers, orchard sprayers and industrial equipment. Moving parts in oil bath. Separate outer manifolds system constructed of brass alloy. Check valves easily accessible.

IDB 1100

50 Bar | 110 L/Min

IDB 1250

50 Bar | 125 L/Min

IDB 1304

40 Bar | 126 L/Min

IDB 1400

50 Bar | 142 L/Min

IDB 1600

50 Bar | 162 L/Min

IDB 1800

50 Bar | 182 L/Min

IDB 2000

50 Bar | 192 L/Min

Sound Reasons   |   IDB series

Exclusive check valve design: spheric section shaped made up of AISI 316 stainless steel, delivering high volumetric ef?ciencies.

4 different options of diaphragms materials: Buna-Nbr, Desmopan, Viton, exclusive Bertolini HPS ®.

Oil tank ?tted with a matched diaphragm to ensure correct oil level.

Pulsation damper delivering high air volume.

Oversized / separate suction and pressure circuits, in brass alloy create a smooth ?ow of the liquid: no loss of pressure.

Heads constructed of brass, resulting in perfect mechanical resistance, corrosion proof, long life operation.

Pre-calibrated diaphragm washer and diaphragm bolt made up of AISI 316 stainless steel (exclusive design) : protection against corrosion

Die-cast crankcase provide great strength

Crankshaft stroke reduced, which increases diaphragm life, because diaphragms are not stressed