Pumps with diaphragms/pistons, built to beat the more and more aggressive plant protection products, negative PH weed–killing products, liquid fertilizers able to corrode even the steel.

Strip Pump

20 Bar | 17 L/Min

Poly 2020

20 Bar | 22 L/Min

Poly 2025

20 Bar | 27 L/Min

Poly 2030

20 Bar | 31 L/Min

Sound Reasons   |   STRIP-MINIPOLY

Motor type kinematic motion with crankshaft connecting rods-bearing-pistons system.

Thermal treatment on connecting rod rings provide wear resistance and long life operation.

Piston sleeves in cast iron and pre-set piston delivering high volumetric efficiencies.

Oversized ball bearings on the pump shaft for longer life.

Double body head in polypropylene incorporating a die-cast aluminium core.

Separate and replaceable suction and pressure circuits.

Check valves to be overhauled easily, with little maintenance.

Easier in-out system: rapid and accurate oil filling and longer diaphragm life.

Direct drive by epicyclic gearbox, strengthened by two bearings to ensure an accurate concentricity pump/motor.

Pre-set diaphragm washer and diaphragm bolt made up of stainless steel: protection against corrosion.

Oil sight glass on the opposite side of the motor to provide easy reading of the oil level.

Diaphragms to handle chemicals: specifically designed to never lose form.