Serie CX

CX 130

70 Bar | 144 L/Min

CX 150

70 Bar | 152 L/Min

CX 170

70 Bar | 165 L/Min

Sound Reasons   |   Serie CX

Double diameter piston guide made of stainless steel: the radial ring never comes in contact with the moving rod; thus eliminating wear and allowing better lubrication.

Patented du-dry plunger rod bushings PTFE coated greatly reduce friction for smooth operation.

Premium oversized taper roller bearings designed to endure heavier loads and extend operations.

Double " V" packing self-lubricating sealing system in elastomer maximizes seal life. The seal area has been enlarged to improve sealing under any condition.

Compact die-cast and painted aluminium crankcase. Corrosion resistant.

New system of attaching piston with special screws made of stainless steel.

Interlocking " self-aligning" connecting rods capable of high loads made of two parts to facilitate installation and removal. It forever reduces friction and wear due to overheating.

Forged and anodized aluminium head assures chemical resistance.

Rapid action check valves with spring, poppet and seat made of AISI 316 stainless steel. Interchangeable between inlet and outlet, they perform very high ef?ciency of volume. Maximum capacity of suction (inlet).

Highly polished solid ceramic plungers.

Innovative oil recycling system to increase lubrication of the plunger rod and to assure correct operation of the oil seal.

Self-locking conrods pins.