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HP-WJP Power Units

Professional systems for "water jetting" with high pressure ceramic piston pumps / electric motor, ideal for applications peculiar to chemical, oil, building, mining and water treatment industries. Construction features:
- Heavy-duty steel section frame welded and painted for maximum weight load and minimal flexing.
- Three-phase electric motor 4V-5Hz 4 or 6 poles; to ensure high performance and long life.
- 3/6 ceramic plungers pumps range. Brass head, great performance.
- Pump/Motor drive by flexible coupling made of quality cast iron able to absorb vibrations due to power transmission.
- Base eyebolts for easy lifting.
- Galvanized and painted stainless steel coupling protection.
- Unloader valve with automatic by-pass.

Complementary accessories line:
- Pressure relief valve made of brass;
- Pressure Gauge;
- Pulsation damper;
- Suction filter;
- Antivibrations mounts; are available, on customer's request.

CK 3003 PU

CK 3003 PU Bar | 975 - 1450 RPM

C3006 PU

C3006 PU Bar | 975 - 1450 RPM

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